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Ways to Quit Smoking

Conquer the urge to buy a cigarette and smoke, ways to help quit smoking are listed below. You will find many different ideas to help you personally.


I have found that exercise is the best option for me personally, and I hope that people who are seriously thinking about quitting smoking and looking for ideas all the time will find this helpful. Of course, chewing tobacco can also be an option.

Every day is a new challenge, and the way I dealt with it was by telling myself that I could and can do it.
Exercise has played an important role in helping me quit smoking. Every morning I take a one-hour walk to get rid of the urge to smoke a cigarette. If you have been a smoker for a few years like me, you may find that first thing in the morning will be that the worst time, as well as the need to do something to keep you from taking for that particular cigarette, has to be met with play.

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Spend More Time Outdoors

Put on your coat and boots and breathe the air after you go outside. The feeling of fresh air in your lungs makes you feel positive. Another option is to get on an exercise bike, either at the gym or at home, using one like the one pictured at home or going outside for a ride on a pushbike. Any of these examples can help you smoke.
Talking about the craving with friends and family is another option available to you, and it has worked in many cases.

Ask for Help

At the most important time, when you are desperate, you can ask for help from a friend, a relative, or your professional colleagues. In fact, anyone you think is willing to listen, such as the doctor, the mailman, the neighbors around you at present. The person usually helps you feel good by giving you positive feedback about how well you’re doing and informing you why you’re giving up in the first place.

Drink More Water

Instead of opting for that ton of cookies, I would also suggest drinking a huge glass of water and downing it as fast as possible. It has personally worked for me in many events, don’t ask me why, but it does! Believe me, I know, and the answer is not easy. It takes sheer determination. Tell yourself that you could and can desist from cigarette smoking.

And if the urge is still there, then it really is time to take another walk. Going for a walk will help you clear the thoughts you have. You will come back refreshed and pleased with yourself for not picking up another cigarette. To avoid this, I use a pressure block. Every time I need a cigarette, I take the elastic ball in my hand and then press the frustration into the block. Palms to quit smoking is another great barrier you want to overcome. It is necessary, and I think you will find something to do together at times like this when you are tempted to have a cigarette.

I have found that if you have a pencil in your hand along with a pen, this can sometimes help the situation.…

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